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An HVAC Energy Audit Only Takes a Couple of Hours, and it’s Worth Every Penny.

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Given the amount of money that you’ve spent on your cooling and heating system, isn’t it important for you to know whether it’s performing on a par with its price tag?

You might give your home an once-over periodically to check if your HVAC system is working well, but only a proper energy audit will make certain of that. The process only takes a couple of hours, but it’s extremely detailed in that it covers many aspects of a cooling and heating system, as well as the overall efficiency of your home.

Energy audit professionals are certified and highly trained in their field. By checking everything from indoor pollution and air quality, to leaky electrical equipment, or the presence of toxic and harmful gases, they can also tell you if your home is safe to live in. You will be advised if any equipment needs to be serviced or replaced.

Your cooling and heating system might not be performing optimally for a variety of reasons. Age-related troubles, faulty parts, issues with ducts and filters, or lack of maintenance all contribute to diminished performance. An energy audit will reveal the specific issues, allowing you to concentrate your finances on the relevant areas to ensure the ultimate performance of your HVAC equipment.

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