Smart HVAC

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about so-called “smart” HVAC systems. So, you may be wondering what exactly is a smart HVAC system? When it comes to superior energy efficiency and home comfort matched to your lifestyle, the answers are yes and yes.

Conventional HVAC Systems vs. Smart HVAC Systems

HVAC systems are an expensive necessity, which may account for nearly half of your home’s energy bills. There are ways you can cut cooling and heating costs, such as tightening up your home with air sealing and insulation. Though standard and mid-efficiency HVAC systems simply cost a lot of energy dollars to run.

Moreover, older HVAC systems lack the digital features and technologies needed to provide superior comfort compared to smart HVAC systems.

For example, with your standard HVAC system, you set the thermostat to your desired temperature, such as 78 degrees for cooling. Your AC unit engages and sends cool airflow to your entire home. As far as efficiency and comfort go, this would be fine if all of the rooms of your home were always occupied. Otherwise, you are using energy to cool perhaps several rooms of your home that aren’t being used.

Smart Upgrades

Smart HVAC systems incorporate digital features used in home automation. WiFi comfort controls replace standard thermostats. Motion sensors and other technologies monitor and control indoor temperatures, lighting, and more according to occupancy and your habits. So, basically, a smart HVAC system “learns” your comfort and lifestyle habits, and adjusts for maximum home comfort and energy savings.

You may even monitor, manage, and change indoor environmental conditions from your smartphone app or online computer. That’s smart! So, if it’s time for you to upgrade, be smart and talk to your Winter Haven Air Conditioning  specialist about installing a smart HVAC system.