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Most of the Sounds That Your Daikin AC Makes are Perfectly Normal!

By June 19, 2015 No Comments

It’s true; most of the sounds that your Daikin air conditioner makes are not a sign of malfunction. Let’s go through them, so you can be absolutely sure.

  • Sound of water flowing happens when the refrigerant flows in the air conditioner.
  • Clicking sound occurs when the electrical parts are engaged, or the valve is controlling the refrigerant.
  • Pinging sound occurs when the AC is slightly shrinking or expanding due to temperature change.
  • Whooshing sound happens when the refrigerant flow changes in the air conditioner.
  • Bubbling sound occurs when air from the outside flows into a room through the drain hose when a strong wind blows or when the ventilation fan runs in a closed room. This sound is often heard in draft-free apartments or houses due to varying pressures between the outdoors and indoors. You could have an air-cut drain plug installed on the drain hose to stop the flow of outdoor air. This job can be done by the Daikin dealer where you purchased your air conditioner.
  • AC Emits a Noise during Humidifying: The sound changes because the humidifier fan starts and stops the operation repeatedly. The fan will continue rotating for three minutes after operation stops to protect the AC.

Note: If any sounds or noises other than these occur, contact your local Daikin dealer right away.

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