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Saving Money with Home Energy

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Are you tired of your utility bills draining your wallet? Are rate increases impeding on your lifestyle? If you are a homeowner, you have options that will protect you from rising utility costs. The most viable option for any Winter Haven resident is to make your home more energy efficient than it is now. The term energy efficiency means that your overall energy usage will decrease due to implementing efficient energy practice. Therefore, an energy efficient house equals a lower utility bill. Thus, you will have more money to spend in our local economy.

How do you start making your home energy efficient?

A professional energy audit is the first step in making your house more energy efficient. During a professional energy audit, one of Winter Haven Air Conditioning technicians will evaluate your energy usage to see what areas are draining electricity and what areas can work more effectively overall. Understanding Home Efficiency SavingsUpdating your HVAC system is the best way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Your home’s HVAC system can contribute up to 40% of your household’s total energy usage. Most of the year, you are either using your system to heat or cool your home. You need an air conditioning and heating unit that can do its job without draining your wallet.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has configured that a properly installed HVAC system can increase efficiency by up to 15%. At Winter Haven Air Conditioning, we help residents of Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Haines City evaluate how energy efficient their HVAC systems are. Your HVAC system’s energy efficiency can be compromised by the following:

Uninsulated or leaky ducts can result in a loss of up to 60% of your heated air. Therefore, you will run the HVAC system more often to get your desired temperature.Your energy usage will also increase if your AC unit is dirty or has an old filter inside it.

If your home is built before 1950, it can take up to 50% more energy to air condition your home than homes built post 1970.

Home Energy Audits

A professional home energy audit is the best way to learn how well your home uses energy. Winter Haven Air Conditioning offers professional home audits to our customers. We will send one of our friendly AC technicians to inspect your HVAC system and its insulation. The technician’s goal is to discover any potential problems that may be hindering your energy efficiency. Our technicians will recommend the proper repairs and maintenance needed to boost your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Before our technicians make a visit, you should make a list of your efficiency concerns. This will help our technicians to better meet your needs and desires.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

After your energy audit is completed, our technician will discuss energy efficiency improvements. The technician will give you a thorough review of his or her results. Next, the technician will explain how certain areas of your home can be improved to help increase efficiency and energy savings in your home. Winter Haven Air Conditioning will be honored to take care of any installation, repairs, or maintenance tasks you will need to help improve your greatest energy efficiency losses. It is our goal to make sure your HVAC system works wonderfully and be energy efficient at the same time.Winter Haven Air Conditioning Your Go-To Company for Home

Efficiency Energy Savings

At Winter Haven Air Conditioning, we’re proud to help our neighbors in Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Haines City find ways to make their homes more energy efficient. It does not matter how old your home is or what HVAC system you have, we’re here to help you enjoy life with a lower utility bill.

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